We’ve built this practice through, what we believe is the best form of advertising, which is “word of mouth.”


I knew without a doubt, that Bob Fahrendorf was and is the very best in Northern Nevada!

I am a native Nevadan and have 35 plus years experience within the Court System. Sadly, my child needed to hire a criminal defense attorney for a DUI. I knew without a doubt, that Bob Fahrendorf was and is the very best in Northern Nevada! Not only is he kind, compassionate and honest! His experience, knowledge, respect within the Courts, not only amongst his peers, but with the Judge’s and Police officers are invaluable! He guides you in every step, from the very beginning to the very end. Not only did he win the case, he made this terrible experience and process much more tolerable, answering all our questions and explaining each step as it occurred! If you find yourself in need of an attorney, without a doubt, you should call Fahrendorf Law Offices! Thank you Bob, you are the very Best!

— Former Client

He is affordable, knowledgeable, and seems to have built a positive reputation with the Justice Courts in Reno.

Bob Fahrendorf is a top notch, high class, and experienced attorney located on California Avenue in Reno, Nevada. I highly recommend Bob if you need the best defense money can pay for. He is affordable, knowledgeable, and seems to have built a positive reputation with the Justice Courts in Reno. If I could give Bob a 1,000 stars I would. Bob took one of the most negative experiences in my life and helped me make it right again. He took every precautionary step needed to get a positive result. His support was invaluable and worth more than what I could have ever paid him. Bob's attention to detail throughout my entire case is was what gave us the positive outcome. Thank you Bob!

— Former Client

Mr. Bob Fahrendorf is great at what he does and doesn't give up on you!

He fights for what he believes him and I thank you greatly!

— Sabrena Buchanan

Best lawyer in Reno area

I was involved in a case facing some serious drug charges. After doing much research on lawyers in the area, I met with Mr. Fahrendorf and ultimately hired him. He is extremely compassionate, attentive, and knowledgeable. He did not judge and took the time to listen to the whole situation. Mr. Fahrendorf is the best lawyer in the Reno area.

— Former Client

Awesome Lawyer

If your looking for a knowledgeable, caring & considerate lawyer, Mr Fahrendorf is the vert BEST!! I went to his office in a state of confusion, anxiety, & fearful. Together we confronted my problem & he put me completely at ease, knowing that I was in his hands. His staff is very helpful, efficient, & always smiling. I can’t say enough in regards to how great they all are!!!

— Former Client

Highly Recommended!

I was involved in a single car accident and was charged with a DUI. After meeting with several lawyers, I decided to hire Bob to represent me. He was very straight forward with me about the process we would be going through and didn’t try to sugar coat anything. He told me the worst case scenario for my case and what he was going to do to fight it to get my charges reduced if possible. This was very helpful for me because I was completely new to this process and was pretty nervous about the whole situation. Bob ultimately found errors in my case and got my DUI dismissed entirely to lesser charges. I can’t say enough good things about my experience. He made himself available for any concerns and made the process less stressful. He was very kind and straight forward. He was comfortable to be around (other attorneys I met were very arrogant and not very respectful to me). I highly recommend Bob to anyone battling a DUI or similar case. Very thankful for what he was able to do for me!

— Erik

Just an outstanding experience.

Bob was completely knowledgeable about what my experience would look like. Very good at being in contact and making a hard situation that much more comfortable. Never sugar coats anything, but makes sure you realize things will be handled in the best possible way. Would recommend him to anyone.

— Jordan Peterman

He probably is the best DUI attorney in Washoe County

I met Bob five weeks ago after I had a DUI on Mt. Rose Highway. Found him through reviews on the internet. He probably is the best DUI attorney in Washoe County. He is not with one of those firms that have huge billboards advertising his services. Small firm, excellent service. I was in a one car crash on Mt. Rose. First time DUI. He walked me through the process, and was very down to earth and compassionate. He went through all the paperwork on my case and was able to get my charges reduced to reckless driving. He stayed with me throughout the process, including staying with me while I filled out my post sentencing paperwork. I trusted him 100%. All the other lawyers took off after their clients were finished with the hearing. He only handles one client at a pretrial hearing or a trial. I was able to get this cleared up in five weeks.

— Mary A.


Bob Fahrendorf and his team are by far the best law firm in Reno/Sparks area. I have personal experience. This group treats you like family and will help represent you in the very best light in any case. If you want guidance from the best law firm in Reno/Sparks this group is it!!! ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!
— Jessy Cox

Joe Fahrendorf was exceptionally responsive and informative in resolving a battery case involving a dog attack in a local dog park.

It could’ve become a felony yet was managed to a misdemeanor. His fees were reasonable. Thank you Joe. I do not hesitate to recommend you, and your firm.

— Eric Heydorff

100 STARS!

If I could…Mr. Joseph Fahrendorf is highly sought out by several of my closest peers and colleagues. Honest and upfront, absolutely no games. I've had lawyers in the past that either nickel and dime you to death or just not appropriately represent my case. All I wanted was a hard working lawyer that would represent me to the fullest, win or lose. He exceeded my expectations by not only keeping in contact regularly but fighting to completely dismiss my DUI case and another friends as well. If you want the BEST you'll get the BEST legal representation with Mr. Fahrendorf.

— Former Client

I know most folks don’t want to ever deal with an attorney but when you need one you want the best and you Joe are the best!!

It sure was scary when we first met and talked about all that could happen, none of which was good and now here we are in the clear, thanks to your help. I know most folks don’t want to ever deal with an attorney but when you need one you want the best and Joe is the best!

— Former Client

I have never been more impressed with a performance in my life.

I was referred to this firm by another attorney that a friend of mine said was the best. I am not the type of person that believed in anyone but I had to do something. I have never been more impressed with a performance in my life this proves that there can be justice for the little guy. Joe told me he is here to win and he did I have already recommended him to 3 people and if they are serious about winning there case they will respond. Thanks Joe I owe you my livelihood.

— Christopher Griffin

Joseph Fahrendorf has over-exceeded my expectations

Joseph Fahrendorf has over-exceeded my expectations when I hired him to represent me. He walked me through the process and explained it thoroughly. The price we had discussed for him to represent me was shockingly reasonable! My mind was put at ease because I was able to contact his via text if I had any questions or concerns. He never made me feel like I was troubling him with my multitude of questions (I had quite a few) considering this was my first encounter with the legal system. Mr. Fahrendorf is experienced, well-informed, and knowledgeable when it comes to legal matters. I would highly recommend hiring him to represent you because you will have a professional in your corner who works hard and has unquestionable integrity.

— Kay L.

Joseph D. Fahrendorf is the best!

I highly recommend his legal services. I was referred to him by a family member that was represented in court by Joe and he told me how he made everything easy and very professional. When I met Joe my first impression was that He gave me the confidence and trust that I needed in my case, He listened to me and he took my case very personal. He took action right away and that took out a lot of stress that I had. He handled everything that was needed to prepare and execute my case and always explained and answered my questions. His office staff were very friendly and professional. In court He was excellent, always fighting with strong words that left me very impressed and confident He really knows the law and what he is doing. Thank you Joe for helping me in my car accident case. Me and my family really appreciate the help on the legal services from you and your firm.

— Oscar R.

Joseph Fahrendorf is amazing to work with.

This was my first time dealing with a Law offense on my name so I was very afraid of the legal proceedings I had ahead of me, but Joseph made every step of the way clear and delivered an exact break down of what was going to happen ahead of time. I was never confused or out of the loop on what was going on with my case. He also really took the time to really listen to all my concerns and questions so that I knew what was going to happen every step of the way. I am really appreciative of the legal services Joseph did for me. I highly recommends his services to anyone who might be in need. Thank you Joseph.
— Former Client